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Pushkar Consultancy Services

Pushkar Consultancy Services is carrying on the business of providing GST Registration Services, GST Filing, Income Tax Returns Filing, Accounting Services, Company Registration and filing, Trade Mark Services, Financial and other Services etc.

Pushkar Consultancy Services has considerable experience in the finance, accounting and consultancy services, and has been making a value addition to its clients for a long time. We offer a broad array of services, ranging from management of an organization's accounts to handling its legal issues that make us a one stop shop for all your organization's finance, legal and auditing requirements. Whether you are trying to deal with the changed tax laws, setting up a new venture or trying to settle a lawsuit, Pushkar Consultancy Services would be happy to assist you.

Efficient management of any organization boils down to how efficiently the peripheral areas are handled. Areas such as finance, accounting, and law are often not the areas in which the organization's core expertise lies. But the efficient and thoughtful management of a firm's finances is going to be a key factor that determines how a company fares. While having robust and ably staffed finance, accounting, and legal departments may ensure that these areas are managed well, going for the assistance of an expert can just turn out to be the missing link that changes the firm's fortunes.

Pushkar Consultancy Services employs the best professionals like, CA, CS, CWA, LAWYERS and MBA in the fields of finance, accounts and law for its work, and, hence, when you delegate the management of your organization's accounts to us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. So, if you are looking for a professional to take care of your finance, accounts or tax filing work, look no further than Pushkar Consultancy Services.

Pushkar Consultancy Services offers the entire spectrum of services within the finance, accounts, and legal domains. In the accounting space, we have qualified accountants to take care of the organization's account books. In the finance department, we have qualified professionals to prepare data that will ensure assistance from banks. Pushkar Consultancy Services also offers advice on the investment options suitable for you.

Our team of experienced and energetic professional and lawyers is knowledgeable on Indian finance law, and is ready to start working on any legal issues your organization may have. At Pushkar Consultancy Services, we keep ourselves regularly updated about the changes in the tax law, so that your firm is never caught at the wrong end while filing tax returns. In addition to these, we also offer assistance on filing of balance sheets, patents, copyright issues, etc.

We are a technology-driven platform trying to organize professional services industry in India! Our mission is to provide one-click access to individuals & businesses for all their legal & professional needs…!!!

Pushkar Consultancy Services has been founded by a team of Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants. Pushkar Consultancy Services currently has a network of 100+ professionals including experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Chartered Engineers and Bankers.

Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly.